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The following has been released by the DCLG (formerly the ODPM) via the Planning Portal website, www.planningportal.gov.uk. The release leaves some associated issues unanswered, and a more detailed interpretation will follow here very soon.

Approved Document F: Replacement windows

Approved Document F includes the guidance that all replacement windows should be fitted with trickle ventilators from 1 October 2006 (see paragraph 3-4). Approved Document F - Ventilation (2006 edition) (PDF 1467 Kb)

The cost of introducing this measure has been disputed, and DCLG accept that the cost could exceed the benefits. Because of this Ministers have fully considered the evidence, and decided to:

1. Withdraw the guidance in Approved Document F recommending fitting trickle ventilators in all replacement windows from 1 October.

2. Accept the Glass and Glazing Federation's offer to produce good practice guidance. This guidance should reflect an industry view and take account of views from both window fabricators, ventilator suppliers and DCLG. It should be in place as soon as possible.


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