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ADF Update Service - Issue 26

May 2010

Titon looks to the future with the new Building Regulations

Titon, the UKís market leader for domestic ventilation and fittings for windows and doors, believes the new Approved Documents for Part F and Part L of the Building Regulations are a welcome development in the move towards a low carbon economy and energy efficient ventilation.

As the new coalition government reaffirms its commitment towards green housing, the new documents provide a framework for change that runs alongside the Code for Sustainable Homes. The regulations also encourage best practice in the installation of whole house ventilation systems.

Both Part L and Part F have revisions which emphasize compliance with the new minimum energy efficiency levels for ventilation systems. These include a new specific fan power requirement of less than 0.5 watt/sec for intermittent fans used in refurbishment and new build developments, as well as lower dwelling emission levels for airtight homes. Part F now includes guidelines for properties with infiltration rates tighter than 5m3h/m2 at 50pa. For System 1, Intermittent Extract, the background ventilation requirement has increased by up to 50%. Part L has also increased the Target Emission Rate (TER) by 25% which will go some way towards achieving Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3.

With whole house ventilation systems being increasingly specified, the Building Regulations has removed the requirement for background ventilation in dwellings designed with infiltration rates above 5m3h/m2. Titon believes that the increased importance of SAP Appendix Q and these revised regulations could see greater use of whole house ventilation systems both with and without heat recovery.

Titon is particularly pleased to see the introduction of the requirement for post-completion testing of ventilation equipment. The new Domestic Ventilation Installation and Commissioning Compliance Guide included in Part F will ensure that the ventilation system delivers the required airflow as well as efficiency and noise reduction.

Paul Rainbird, Titonís Operations Manager (Ventilation Systems) said: "The inclusion of the Commission Compliance Guide is a welcome improvement. The efficiency and efficacy of any ventilation system is dependent not only on its design, but how it is installed. At Titon we have long campaigned for installers and contractors to understand the importance of every part of the system Ė from ducting and outlets to the ventilation units themselves - to be installed and commissioned correctly. This new Guide will go some way towards getting the very best efficiencies out of whole house ventilation systems."

He continued: "The new Approved Documents move the industry firmly towards a greener and more sustainable way of building, heating and ventilating houses. The building industry has changed immensely over the last 30 years, and these new regulations will help to deliver on the promise of the Code for Sustainable Homes. As a company we are pleased to have some of the most efficient whole house ventilation products available in the UK."

Titon has a fully trained and experienced team which specialises in domestic ventilation. They work with house builders and developers, as well as local authorities and housing associations, to provide the right solution for any development to ensure it complies with Part F (Ventilation) of the Building Regulations and other Technical Standards. From mechanical ventilation with heat recovery to trickle ventilators, Titon has product to aid compliance with the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The company also has a dedicated design team who can take plans for any housing development and recommend the most efficient whole house ventilation unit according to build specification.

The Titon range whole house system ventilation units have been developed in-house and are manufactured at Titonís factory in the UK. All are thoroughly tested and many achieve Energy Savings Trust Best Practice performance levels. All Titon products also offer unique benefits throughout the supply chain, being highly efficient to specify, supply, fit and operate.

If you have any questions, please do contact us at experts@partf.co.uk.

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