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ADF Update Service - Issue 22

February 2010

Changes to Building Regulations Part F (Ventilation) for 2010

Following last year’s consultation process, revisions to Part F are reaching the final stages and it is expected to be completed prior to Parliament being dissolved for the General Election due to take place on or before 3 June 2010. It is anticipated that the revised document will be in an easier to understand format.

Changes are likely to include:

Comprehensive advice for each of the "system" choices

  1. Intermittent extract fans and background ventilators
  2. Passive stack ventilation and background ventilators
  3. Continuous mechanical extract and background ventilators (CME)
  4. Continuous mechanical supply and extract with heat recovery (MVHR)

Increased ventilation rates to reflect improved levels of airtightness

More airtight dwellings need increased ventilation rates to maintain satisfactory levels of moisture and indoor air quality.

Incorporation of a "Domestic Ventilation Installation and Compliance" guide

This section will be aimed at ensuring the actual performance of installed systems, particularly CME & MVHR, meets with design expectations and achieves Part F compliance.

We will keep this website up to date on all issues related to Part F 2010. If you have any questions, please do contact us at experts@partf.co.uk.

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