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ADF Update Service - Issue 11...

May 2007

Approved Document Part FAmendment to Part F 2006

An amendment to the 2006 edition of Building Regulations, England & Wales, Part F has recently been published (available here) containing a number of corrections and including two significant changes.


Replacement Windows (Section 3: Work on existing buildings)

Following the withdrawal in September 2006 of the guidance in Approved Document F recommending fitting trickle ventilators in all replacement windows, new guidance has been issued as follows:

(Page 28) Paragraph 3.4 "Where the original windows were fitted with trickle ventilators the replacement windows should include them and they should be sized as set-out in paragraph 3.6.

It would be good practice to fit trickle ventilators (or equivalent), with accessible controls, in all replacement windows to help with control of condensation and improve indoor air quality".

Purge Ventilation (Appendix B)

The wording on page 38, left hand column, second bullet now reads:

“For a hinged or pivot window that opens between 15° and 30°, the height x width of the opening part should be at least 1/10 of the floor area of the room”.

This would imply that any window with an opening of less than 15° can no longer be considered as meeting the purge ventilation requirements for habitable rooms as set in Appendix B.


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