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Titon launches the UKs most efficient MVHR unit

31st October 2008

Titon HRV1 Q PlusTiton's new HRV1 Q Plus compact whole house ventilation system was showcased at Interbuild this week and is the most efficient unit of its type and size in the UK – and that’s official.

The compact Titon HRV1 Q Plus, has been independently tested by the BRE and is EST Best Practice compliant. And thanks to its discreet but revolutionary design, the unit offers the kind of performance that, up until now, has only been available from much larger and more costly products.

Measuring just 600mm x 430mm x 285mm its size belies its performance – the HRV1 Q Plus is suitable for properties with a kitchen and possibly up to 5 additional wet rooms, but is predominantly aimed at applications where space is at a premium.

Designed and manufactured in the UK with the architect, developer and contractor in mind, its small size makes it easier to fit where space is limited, for example in flats.

The Titon HRV1 Q Plus also helps to maximize your SAP performance via Appendix Q of Part L, thanks to the market leading combination of very low power consumption and a highly efficient heat exchanger (up to 91%).

The unit appeared in the extremely busy Eco House at Interbuild, creating high levels of interest from visitors . The performance figures for the HRV1 Q Plus appear here. Go to www.sap-appendixq.org.uk to find out more on how to use these results.

To request further technical details on the unit, please click here or call us on 01206 713800 or email experts@partf.co.uk


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