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Titon's guide clears the air over Part F

11th July 2007
Key Facts for Window Manufacturers and Installers

To help make life simpler for window manufacturers and installers, Titon has issued an updated and fully comprehensive guide to Part F (Ventilation) of the new Building Regulations.

The guide covers issues including ventilation performance, new build and replacement windows and outlines each of the four systems of ventilation. Written in an easy-to-read and user friendly style, the guide is ideal for quick reference as it distils complicated information into a simple and effective format.

The amendments now cover the revisions to Part F regarding replacement windows. This is a very useful leaflet, and outlines the main aspects of Part F without needing the complete document. However, we strongly advise that Part F is referred to before undertaking any work.

Tyson Anderson, Titon’s Sales and Marketing Director, says: “Window manufacturers and installers are busy people and we want to make their life easier by giving them all the information they need at their fingertips. This guide will do that and provides a single point of contact for any additional help they may need.”

Click here to download the leaflet.


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