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Building Performance Group guides to Part F and Part L

25th August 2006

Two new publications are now available from the Building Performance Group to assist in compliance issues regarding the new Parts F & L. ‘These fully referenced books are designed to allow the busy construction professional to grasp the provisions of Part L and Part F efficiently and effectively, and will be a welcome companion for architects, construction professionals and building control officers alike.’

Guide to Part F (£15.00)

‘Guide to Part F is a quick reference handbook to understanding the new 2006 Approved Document F. It provides professional advice about how to comply with the new provisions, which include dealing with lower air permeability in buildings as a consequence of the new Part L and which have adopted a largely performance-based approach to ventilation.’

Guide to Part L (£25.00)   

‘Guide to Part L is a thoroughly researched, in-depth guidance for architects, construction professionals and building control officers about the complex new regulations governing the conservation of fuel and power in buildings. More than a general overview, this guide cuts through the jungle of new provisions and requirements to provide a logical, straightforward road map to compliance.’

‘The publication comprises detailed step-by-step guidance to every section of the new four-part document, highlighting essential points and anomalies, and is illustrated by invaluable process flowcharts. It is backed up by extensive appendices that give further information about almost every issue affecting compliance, including: target emission rates, SAP, SBEM, U-values, overheating, air permeability, efficient boilers and controls, insulation, ventilation, efficient air conditioning, efficient light fittings, commissioning, log books and how to assess ‘simple payback’.’

The Guides can be ordered on-line from www.ribabookshops.com or by phone
+44 (0) 20 7256 7222

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