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Q. Can I carry on using slot vents to comply with background ventilation provision requirements?

A. In most instances, yes. However, it is important to understand that the background ventilation requirement has changed from a geometric method of calculation to a performance based method, i.e. airflow, shown as equivalent area.  It cannot be interpreted as the current simple 4000/8000 mm² free area scenario, as the proposed requirement will be to calculate the required background ventilation for the whole dwelling, and also allow for each individual room. 

As to whether current slot ventilator designs can be used, it is anticipated that the majority will not perform well enough in new build situations to provide the overall levels for the dwelling, at least in the quantities required to achieve this total. Therefore better performing ventilators will enable compliance in more situations.

Please note in a few dwelling types it may not be possible to use System 1 (Intermittent Extract & Background Ventilators), so fewer or no background ventilators will be required than compliance via System 1.

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