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Q. Can I fit a night vent keep or use a night vent position on the window to provide background ventilation, instead of a trickle ventilator, because I know the size of the opening provided by the old window?

A. "Means of ventilation" F1 – There shall be adequate means of ventilation provided for the people in the building. Paragraph 4.19 states "A window with a night latch position is not recommended because of the difficulty of measuring the equivalent area, the greater likelihood of draughts and the potential increased security risk in some locations.". The alternative is the provision of another background ventilator opening of a known equivalent area in the same room (wall vent).

Control of ventilation paragraph 4.19 says "Manually controlled trickle ventilator (the most common type of background ventilators) can be located over the window frames, in windows just above the glass or directly through the wall (see diagram 1 in the key terms)". Night vent keeps and sliding sashes have been removed from the guidance hence they are not an approved method. BS EN 13141 does not set out a method for testing the equivalent area on these forms of ventilation.

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