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Q. Can you please explain why it will prove difficult to ventilate single façade flats by the traditional ventilation method (System 1).

A. For dwellings with only a single exposed façade, cross ventilation is not possible using background ventilation and intermittent extract fans in the conventional way. In this case an option is using a single side ventilation method; this is achieved by locating background ventilation at both high and low positions in the exposed façade. The high ventilators should be typically 1.7m above floor level and low level at least 1m below with the same total equivalent area as the high level ventilators. However, this is practically difficult and may not be aesthetically suitable, either via additional trickle ventilators at the bottom of the window or via air bricks below the window, it is suggested a continuous mechanical extract system would be specified in the majority of these single facade applications. Single sided ventilation is most effective if the dwelling is designed so that the habitable rooms are on the exposed façade, and these rooms are no greater than 6m in depth.

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