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All figures given below are based on section 5.2a of Building Regulation (Eng & Wales) Approved Document Part F: 2010 and all Titon ventilation product solutions given are based on testing carried out in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004. If your Equivalent Area (EA) requirement cannot be achieved given the information you enter below, please contact the Titon Technical office for advice as our range of ventilators extends beyond those included in this calculator.

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Once calculated, a list of products will appear. If they are coloured green, the products are suitable for the dwelling requirements that you have entered. If any are coloured red, the requirements have not been met and the calculator shows how many additional ventilatior positions are needed to comply.

Total Floor Area (m²)
Total Number Of Bedrooms
Occupancy (people)
Number Of Storeys
Total Ventilator Positions
Air Permeability